A company in Italy is on the verge of marketing wine labels that talk. The company, Modulgraf, will use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and a microchip to enable bottles of wine to explain themselves, providing aural histories of their production and details of the meals they best accompany. Consumers will, however, require a small, handheld device to access these spoken word accounts. Modulgraf, originally a printing and packaging company based in Tuscany, hopes to launch the labels at November’s prestigious Milan wine fair. Modulgraf's Daniele Barontini told Reuters: "We envision our talking wine label in restaurants, wine stores and at vineyards that offer wine tasting. It could tell you how to enjoy the wine, where it came from, everything you'd hear from a sommelier. You could even have music." Modulgraf claims the label could also to help prevent counterfeiting.