Europe is to open its palate, and its wallets, to wine from India. Bangalore’s Grover Vineyards has launched its product in the EU, to be imported and distributed by Luxembourg Fine Wines. Grover Vineyards produces approximately 800,000 bottles a year, exporting one quarter. The grapes are grown at the foot of Bangalore’s Nandi Hills. Kapil Grover, the vineyards’ director, told the audience at a launch event at the Indian Embassy in Brussels: "Would you believe that out of the 200,000 bottles that we export, 120,000 bottles go to France. The rest goes to the US, UK and Russia." He added that the popularity of Indian cuisine in the region provided a good point of entry to the market. Grover’s wines are expected to sell for Eu20-Eu40 (£14-£27) in restaurants throughout the region. N.S. Kujur, chief executive of the State Bank of India’s Antwerp branch, added: "The difference is that you can feel the sun in this and there is a lot of fruit in it. It’s a very good wine, good aroma."