Thai Asia Pacific Brewery (TAPB) has launched Cheers Beer, a new brand developed by Heineken in the Netherlands. Cheers is aimed squarely at Thai 22-30-year-olds keen on European beer, but is priced at the lower end of the market, currently dominated by such brands as Leo and Chang. The brewery intends Cheers to capture 5% of the market within three years’ time. TAPB will spend Bht400m (£5.54m) on marketing the 5.6%ABV beverage to its intended drinker base. It will be positioned as a "cheerful and fun" beer, for people who are "genuine and value friendship", with a tagline of "The little good things in life". TAPB general manager Panya Pongtanya said: "Particularly at the economy end of the market, we could clearly see from our research that a large number of consumers were looking for a beer that was neither harsh nor weak. Our Dutch brewmaster worked with experts in Europe to develop more than ten recipes. Over the course of two years, we tested and interviewed more than 3,000 Thai beer drinkers from around the country." He added: "The key to success will be our ability to provide a quality beer at this price. We will conduct around 250 quality checks in the brewing process as well as send samples to the Netherlands regularly for quality control."