Fuller, Smith & Turner has launched the 2005 Vintage of its limited edition beer, Vintage Ale. First brewed in 1997, Vintage Ale is a blend of the year's finest malt and hops, crafted into an 8.5% ABV brew. John Keeling, Fuller's brewing director, said: "I'm very proud of this edition, it is a wonderful beer and a worthy addition to the Vintage Ale collection. "When poured, Vintage Ale 2005 is a deep copper colour, making it a very appealing beer to look at. On first sniff, the aroma is jam-packed full of spicy, peppery notes, yet bursts of toffee and vanilla combine to create a smooth, soft aroma. "The flavour is dominated by biscuity malt flavours. The beer is incredibly rounded for such a young beer and in many ways the alcohol content does not come through as much as in previous Vintages. I can't wait to see what it is like in one, three, five or even seven year's time." Vintage Ale 2005 will be available in selected supermarkets from mid-October.