Hertfordshire’s Buntingford Brewery has found a new home, thanks to farmer Edward Darling, who owns Greys Farm, Therfield, near Royston. Darling has allowed the brewery to move into one of the disused buildings on his property. In addition, the brewery is pursuing a number of environmentally friendly initiatives, thanks to funding from the Rural Development Service’s Rural Enterprise Scheme (RES). For example, fresh spring water will be supplied from a borehole in the ground, while wastewater will be filtered through reed beds and allowed to run into a specially designed pond. This feature is of special environmental significance, as it is attracts and encourages wildlife. In addition, the brewery will be supplied by malting barley grown by Greys Farm. Darling said: "We have been able to combine good business and environmental improvements, with RES making it all possible. "The new brewery will bring more employment to the area, as well as producing popular beer and creating an additional income for the farm. This fits in with my long-term ecological commitment on the farm."