Ian Macleod Distillers, the company behind Glengoyne malt whisky, is sponsoring a "highly-charged erotic art" exhibition by painter Bill Blackwood. Pictures in the Glasgow exhibition, titled "Sex and the Truss", include images of semi-naked women in stilettos, basques and stockings. Managing director Leonard Russell says it is an attempt to shake off the "old-fashioned image" of Scotch. He hopes it will lead to younger people using it as "a refreshing base for cocktails" instead of just going for white spirits or alcopops. The Easy Drinking Company, part-funded by the owners of the Famous Grouse, has already brought out three whiskies in alcopop bottles. They are called The Rich Spicy One, The Smokey Peaty One and The Smooth Sweeter One. Critics have dubbed them "maltopops" and traditionalists are unimpressed. James Walker, proprietor of Edinburgh's Adelphi Distillery, called it "ridiculous gimmickry". The Sunday Telegraph 18/07/04 page 15