The drinks industry has been accused of planning a ruthless campaign of economic incentives and psychological tricks to exploit Britain's binge-drinking culture once licensing laws are relaxed. Managers of so-called "superpubs" are allegedly being offered bonuses of up to £20,000 if they beat targets by getting people to drink as much as possible. Dave Daley, head of the National Association of Licensed House Managers, is warning his members not to jeopardise their livelihoods and relations with neighbouring communities. He says: "How we make our money is to make people binge-drink: the more people drink, the more I get as a bonus." The big chains, he adds, must recognise that alcohol is not just another "product" but is a drug. According to Daley, pub managers work on the assumption that after three or four drinks a customer is "captured". But Mark Hastings, of the British Beer and Pub Association, denied that big chains and breweries were acting irresponsibly. Reporter Anushka Asthana who spent a night drinking in Reading reported that in three hours the same barmaid sold her enough alcohol to kill her. The Observer 23/10/05 pages 1, 2, 8 & 9