Waverley TBS has been accredited with the Cask Marque Distributors’ Charter for excellence in beer handling. The Distributors’ Charter is Cask Marque’s new initiative to encourage best practise in the handling and transportation of beer. The scheme includes guidelines pertaining to sell-by dates, stock rotation and refrigerated storage. In order to be approved, Waverley was required to submit to two inspections of each of its 19 locations, which will continue annually in order to maintain accreditation. Speaking to the Morning Advertiser, Waverley TBS spokesman Lisa Harlow said: "As a big supplier of cask ale, Waverley TBS felt it was important to lead the way and encourage other distributors to sign up." Cask Marque director Paul Nunny added: "I think pub companies like Punch and Enterprise ought to include this in requirements to service providers – it would be commercially beneficial."