Britain's brief flirtation with healthy eating is over, a Times survey of six cities appears to confirm. The nation is still in love with burger and chips which wins hands down over healthy salads. A day of observation in branches of McDonalds, Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken showed just two customers in Manchester and one in London ordered a salad. No one did in Newcastle, Bristol, Birmingham or Maidstone. Other healthy items also failed to make much of an impression. Fast-food chain managers said their customers were not interested in salads or fruit and the outlets ended up binning much of it. The Simon Heffer on Saturday column, in The Daily Telegraph, remarks on how the public appears to be ignoring celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's repeated pleas to feed children better. Parents putting junk in their children's lunch boxes have torpedoed Oliver's campaign for better school meals as well as a lack of extra money. The Times' Body & Soul section includes a two-page question and answer session in which Oliver replies to readers keen to give him “a good grilling” about his school dinners campaign. The Times 09/09/06 (News) page 5, page 12-13 (Body & Soul) The Daily Telegraph 09/09/06 page 19 (Simon Heffer on Saturday)