A Japanese performance artist’s recent show has outraged alcohol concern as well as local council officials in Cardiff. The performance, which took place at the bar of Chapter Arts Centre, Canton as part of its month-long Experimentica 05 season, saw the artist Anti-Cool, née Tomoko Takahashi, drink 48 bottles of lager in just under three hours. Her internationally recognised work Allurements of Mass Media sees the artist watching TV while perched on a balance beam, dressed in a short-skirted business suit and high heels. During the performance, she consumes whatever is advertised, which, unfortunately for her critics, includes a plentiful amount of lager. The centre has defended the Anti-Cool work as a "comment on the availability and use of mass produced products". However, Canton councillor Ramesh Patel labelled it "stupid and dangerous". He said to the paper: "It’s not art, it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money." An Alcohol Concern spokeswoman added: "We’re always concerned when someone puts their health and safety at risk by drinking to excess like this."