Arran Brewery, the award-winning Scottish brewer, has signed a £500k deal with Channel Island-based wine merchant Cavalier Wines to deliver wines to its customers across the UK. Arran will offer a list of more than 300 wines from Italy, France and Spain under the deal. The brewery was bought out of administration by Glasgow-based Marketing Management Services International, which is owned and operated by Gerald Michaluk, in June 2008, for an undisclosed sum. Michaluk told The Herald newspaper: “The goal now is to try to raise the standard of wine in Scottish pubs. “The idea is that when we are sending our delivery trucks through Europe to deliver our beer, previously the trucks came back empty. Now we’ll be loading them with wine. And it will all be of very fine quality at affordable prices. “Because the duty is paid on alcohol content rather quality, the better the quality of wine, the better the value. “We’ll be targeting Italian restaurants with our large selection of Italian wines, but we’ll also be targeting our 3,000 trade customers throughout the UK, most of which are pubs.”