Limited-service takeaway chains in America including Burger King and Sonic, the drive-thru brand, have begun offering alcoholic drinks. Burger King is offering beers for $4.25, $2 more than the cost of a soft drink, at sites in Las Vagas, Kansas City and Miami Beach. Alcoholic drinks are available on the patio area only at Sonic’s drive-thru restaurant in Miami-Dade County, Floria. Twenty eight beers, including three draught brews, are available, along with 10 different wines. Darren Tristano, executive vice president of American restaurant research company Technomic, discussed the development at the MA250 business seminar in London. “Our belief is it’s not necessarily in the DNA of a quick service restaurant to offer alcoholic beverages,” said Tristano. However, despite this, he said the recent offers have had “some success”.