Entrepreneur Robert Tchenguiz could be “losing his allure” , suggests commentator Damian Reece in The Daily Telegraph, after building up a 3% stake in Whitbread through contracts-for-difference. For despite the news of his investment, shares closed up only 23p, less than 2%, to finish last week on £13.95. Tchenguiz has lost millions on his ill-fated investments in Mitchells & Butlers and Sainsburys, with the result that investors who followed him got their fingers burnt. King Midas, adds Reece, may have lost his touch. But Mark Brumby, an analyst at Blue Oar, says the least Tchenguiz has done is “make an extremely shrewd and well-timed investment”. According to the Lombard column in Financial Times, there is speculation that Tchenguiz may demand a Whitbread break-up. Whitbread shares have fallen more than 26% over the past year. The Daily Telegraph 10/05/08 pages 35 (BusinessNews) & 37 (The Market) Financial Times 10/05/08 pages 16 (Lombard) & 18 The Daily Mail 10/05/08 page 101 (City & Finance) The Independent 10/05/08 page 54 (Business) The Guardian 10/05/08 page 40 (Financial) The Times 10/05/08 page 77 (Markets)