Britain’s 90 motorway services stations could undergo a radical overhaul once the Highways Agency’s consultation with motorists, businesses and other interested parties is complete. The three players, Roadchef, Welcome Break and Moto hope they will be able to beef up their services and strip away some of the regulations. Operators want to be able to advertise all the brand names available at their sites, such as KFC, Starbucks, Costa Coffee and Wimpey. Current legislation allows just one company name on any roadside sign. Moto is perturbed that the possibility of selling alcohol is not on the agenda. Chief executive, Tim Ross, says the company does not particularly want to sell beer or wine with meals, but says it is odd that customers cannot go to one of its Marks & Spencer concessions and buy a bottle of red wine. He believes there would be a good argument at the Office of Fair Trading for unfair competition because petrol stations on A-roads can sell alcohol. The Sunday Telegraph (Business) 26/11/06 page 10