Salads sold at high street fast food chains and quick service outlets have been found to contain more salt than burgers and chips, according to a new report. Around 19% of salads and pasta bowls analysed were shown to contain more than one third of the 6g daily limit, based on research by the Consensus Action on Salt and Health (Cash). A McDonald’s crispy chicken caesar salad with low fat dressing had 3.5g of salt, compared with 2.5g for a Big Mac and small fries. An EAT thai noodle salad had 4.4g of salt per portion and a smoked mackerel superfood salad contained 3.5g. Pret a Manger was criticised in the report for failing to include salt content on its packaging. Cash is calling for dishes with a high salt content to carry a health warning and for salad dressings to be less salty and to be served separately giving people a choice whether to use them.