The entrepreneurs who brought Ruby Tuesday, the US restaurant brand, to the UK market have outlined their expansion plans and are looking at sites in Bristol, Cheltenham and Swansea. Stephen and Gary Mayo, local hotel owners, have launched the UK’s first Ruby Tuesday steakhouse diner in Cardiff’s St David’s shopping centre and say they hope to use it as a springboard to launch the chain across the UK. Describing their expansion plans as “aggressive”, Stephen Mayo told the South Wales Echo he thought that consumer habits were changing in the UK. He said: “We have noticed people’s eating trends have changed over the last few years. Although it’s fine to go to a Michelin-style restaurant, people don’t want to take four hours over a meal because they value their leisure time more. “There’s a great niche in the market place for casual dining coupled with top service. We have noticed an awful lot of families coming into the Cardiff restaurant during the first week. “People want to spend their leisure time with their families, but these days they are also expecting a lot more for what they are paying. What they are getting for their buck is most important. It’s all about value for money.” The opening of Ruby Tuesday follows the recent launch of Chipotle in London and Taco Bell at Lakeside shopping centre.