Blind staff will serve the food at a new blacked-out restaurant called Dans Le Noir which will open in Clerkenwell Green, London, this summer. Restaurateur Edouard de Broglie believes the sense of taste is intensified if a diner is not distracted by the food's presentation or the sight of anything around them. He opened a restaurant in Paris last year in association with a French society for the blind. Diners will be shown the menu in a lit reception area before being led into the blacked-out dining room by a blind waiter. They will have to feel for their cutlery, stab in the dark for the food and grope for their wine, which will be served in unbreakable glass in case of accidents. Psychology lecturer Dr Charles Spence said that diners would concentrate more on taste and smell if they could not see. The Sunday Times 22/05/05 page 4