A top British restaurant has taken wildfowl off the menu for "the foreseeable future" amid growing fears over bird flu. Carl Littlewood, general manager of the City Café, at Birmingham's City Inn Hotel, described it as "a precautionary measure". The McDonald's chain also admitted that it had emergency contingency plans in place to replace all chicken products. And retailers are expecting a substantial drop in chicken sales this week. But top chef Michel Roux dismissed the fears and insisted it was impossible to get avian flu from cooked fowl and poultry. He said you "almost have to make love to the bird" to catch the virus. Avian flu has killed more than 90 people, mostly in Asia, since 2003. Although it can be caught by humans who handle infected birds, it is not yet known to have passed from one person to another. The Observer 26/02/06 page 3 The Sunday Telegraph 26/02/06 page 10