Chef Gordon Ramsay is hoping the American critics smile kindly on his first US restaurant at the London NYC Hotel in New York. Frank Bruni, of the New York Times, is reputed to be able to close a restaurant with just one review. He visits at least three times, always incognito and sometimes in disguise, before putting his verdict in writing. Ramsay says he has given the maitre d' a picture of Bruni so he will instantly recognise him. Bruni has already moaned in his column about diners at Ramsay's restaurant only being given a two-hour eating slot. He says he is stunned and has never heard of such a limit before. The Observer 12/11/06 page 19 The Sunday Times 12/11/06 (Travel) page 2 The Independent on Sunday 12/11/06 (Compact Traveller) page 19