Pizza Hut in the United States has launched a 3lb pie that resembles a traditional Chicago-style deep-dish pizza with a tall crust and sauce on top of the cheese.

The new product, which the company hopes will improve lacklustre sales, will cost $11.99 (£7.65), and took nearly a decade to develop. Pizza Hut says new cooking techniques allow the pizza to bake in 10 minutes, against the 45-minute minimum typically needed for a traditional Chicago deep-dish pie to cook.

Pizza Hut said the new Chicago Dish, which is expected to become a permanent item on the chain's menus in the United States, has more than twice the amount of cheese in a typical medium pizza.

Although several leading fast-food chains in the United States have been hit recently by class-action lawsuits blaming them for health problems related to obesity, Pizza Hut insists its customers say that they want more cheese.