McDonald’s dominates the branded restaurant sector in France, according to the latest report by MKG Consulting. The company has over 1,000 sites in the country, with its nearest branded rival, Enseignes Restauration Rapide, having only 396. McDonald’s increase from 974 to 1,010 sites since 2003 is in contrast to the sector as a whole, with MKG describing 2003 as ‘a year to forget’ The consumption of wine has fallen due to new road-safety regulations and customers are increasingly choosing to snack instead of eat at restaurants. The company has also announced that it plans to increase the number of its 'bistro-gourmet' restaurants in the United States. The burger chain currently operates 12 such venues across the US, 10 of which are situated in Florida, but said at least four more were scheduled for opening in the near future, in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. All of the gourmet outlets, which serve grilled panini sandwiches and espresso in addition to the more usual McDonald's fare, are operated by franchisees. "There are a number of unique McDonald's around the country, all an effort to look at new menu options and new ways to keep customers interested," said Bill Whitman, a company spokesman, who added the company's focus would remain on its core fast-food business.