McDonald’s, the fast food behemoth, said that it would begin posting calorie counts on all its menus in the US from next week - a move that is likely to put pressure on rival operators to do the same. The company also unveiled several new healthy menu items, including an egg white McMuffin, a grilled chicken option for its Happy Meal and seasonal fruit and vegetables like blueberries and cucumbers. Jan Fields, president of McDonald's USA, said: “We recognize customers want to know more about the nutrition content of the food and beverages they order.” McDonald's has been experimenting with placards listing “Favourites Under 400,” the items on its menu that have 400 calories or fewer. This autumn, some 750,000 of its employees will be able to participate in an e-learning program about nutrition, calories and the company's menu to help them answer customers' questions. Later this year, McDonald's also plans to introduce an app that will provide customers with information about calories in its products and help them build a customised meal plan.