McDonald’s, the fast food behemoth, has announced plans to make its Happy Meals healthier through cutting portions of fries in half and by adding fruit options across its 14,000 US restaurants. The company, which has come under increasing pressure from consumer groups to provide healthier options, said it would start making the changes in September, with the new Happy Meals to be available in all of its US sites by the end March next year. The move will see fruit or vegetables provided with every child’s meal. Healthy options will include carrots, raisins, pineapple slices or mandarin oranges, depending on the time of year and location. The chain said the changes, which could eventually be rolled out in the UK, would lead to a 20% decrease in the meal’s calorie content, a 15% decrease in sodium and a 20% reduction in saturated fat. "We are going to be casting our gaze more closely on portion management as well as how we can introduce more food groups such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains," said: Cindy Goody, McDonald's senior director of nutrition.