Three in four people have complained during a meal out in a restaurant in the last year, according to research into the UK’s eating out habits. Most people complained about the length of time it took for the meal to arrive, with 40% waiting over one hour. The research by TNS for Woodward Foodservice found that 35% of the 1,000 people surveyed criticised the restaurant for giving them the wrong order. Almost a third of those interviewed said that they had been annoyed by poor service from the waiting staff and the same amount pulled the venue up for the fact that their food wasn’t hot enough. The report showed that 23% of people didn’t complain when eating out over the past year. Ed Hyslop, chief executive of Woodward Foodservice, said: “Our expectation levels have risen in line with the frequency of our trips to the local pub or restaurant. We expect good service and quality food, served on time. “The vast majority of caterers get it right, otherwise the growth in out of home dining wouldn’t be happening. But our research shows that us Brits are more vocal than once thought and we regularly complain.”