The Advertising Standards Agency has upheld a complaint against a KFC advert for "misleading" consumers over the size of a burger. The ASA received five complaints about an advert for the KFC Mini Chicken Fillet Burger from the public about the misleading nature of the advert, particularly the size of the product. One of the complainants even claimed the burger was "at least twice its correct size" in the adverts. After going out into central London to buy three of the Mini Fillet Burgers the ASA decided: "That the bun shown in the advertisement was significantly thicker than the burgers we purchased; there was more filling and the lettuce was a different type… We believed the visuals were likely to mislead viewers over the actual size." KFC denied that the actress holding the burger in the advert had been specifically chosen because she had small hands that would make the burger appear larger. The advert can now not be shown again in its current form.