Yum! Brands has banned smoking in its US-owned KFC and Pizza Hut Outlets. The company plans to roll out "No Smoking" signs to its 1,200 KFC and 1,675 Pizza Huts across the United States in a phased in operation starting almost immediately. It hopes that its American franchisees – 4,200 in total for KFC and 4,600 Pizza Huts – will follow suit. KFC president Gregg Dedrick and Pizza Hut president Peter Hearl issued a joint statement that said: "KFC and Pizza Hut are concerned about our customers' and employees' health regarding the dangers of second-hand smoke. "We are taking this action today to help heighten awareness of second-hand smoke issues raised by the U.S. Surgeon General, Richard Carmona, who has indicated second-hand smoke may be harmful and hazardous to the health of the general public. This is a critical issue. In our opinion, going smoke-free is simply the right thing to do." In separate news, Yum! Brands announced that same-store sales for company-owned KFCs were up by 5%, but down 2% at Pizza Hut for the four weeks ending 6 August. Sales for Taco Bell, which Yum! also owns, were up 9%. Figures relate to the United States only.