A Northampton-based Indian restaurant has been threatened with legal action by easyGroup, for trading under the name easyCurry. Stelios Haji-Ioannou's company has demanded the curry house changes its name and signage, which resembles the easyGroup logo, by 9am on Monday, or face a court hearing, the Daily Telegraph reports. Naz Udin, the restaurant owner, said he had offered to change the typeface and colours to distinguish the restaurant from the easyGroup brand, but would not be removing the word 'easy'. “How can the word easy belong to them? I don't think that's right”, he was quoted as saying. Anthony Robb-John, easyGroup's managing director, said: “We won't let the public be misled. We do not hold ourselves out as owning easy but we do own lots of trademarks. If people are using those names then we will take the appropriate court action.”