The British Potato Council (BPC) warned the Government of the possibility of a consumer backlash against eating chips after the decision to permit the planting of genetically modified (GM) potatoes in a five-year trial in Derbyshire and Cambridgeshire. The potatoes are banned from the food chain and must be destroyed once dug up. But the BPC said the public must be comfortable with whatever steps are taken to introduce such potatoes and the council did not feel the time was right. The Soil Association said that even in the US, McDonald’s and Burger King rejected GM potatoes years ago. The Times 02/12/06 page 40 Financial Times 02/12/06 page 3 The Daily Telegraph 02/12/06 page 8 The Independent 02/12/06 page 12 The Guardian 02/12/06 page 14 Daily Mail 02/12/06 page 13