McDonald’s has kicked off its ‘My First’, global brand advertising campaign. The television slot features a showcase of people – famous or otherwise – who got their first ever jobs at McDonald’s. The company is keen to depict employment beneath the Golden Arches as a springboard to opportunity, rather than a dead end job. Famous faces include Olympic record breaker Carl Lewis, singer Macy Gray and Canadian fashion photographer Carla LaBrosse. Also included are a British fireman, a Dutch DJ, a franchisee from Florida and a Czech crewmember still working at McDonald’s. Rich Floersch, McDonald’s executive vice president for human resources said: "The people featured in the My First ad are just a few examples of the millions of opportunities created by our great brand. McDonald’s offers world-class training, great benefits and skills that will last a lifetime, whether you grow within or outside of our system." Macy Gray said: "I worked as a McDonald’s crew person and there is so much more to working at McDonald’s than people know. The action, the fun, the people, the sense of accomplishment – it truly was my first big break!"