Clapham House Group plans to introduce a pilot tipping scheme in one of its restaurants, following criticism of its tips policy. The group, which owns the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Tootsies and the Real Greek chains, said that under the initiative customers would only be able to leave a cash tip for staff. The company said that it would then look at whether customers and staff preferred this approach. The restaurant group has been criticised by The Independent for failing to pass on all tips to employees at Tootsies and The Real Greek, with staff only receiving a “proportion” of the 12.5% service charge that was automatically added to bills. Clapham House said that its employees were given part of the service charge and were allowed to keep cash tips at the two chains, while at GBK there was no service charge added to the bill as the food was ordered over the counter. The comments came as mounting pressure from various fair tips campaigns has resulted in the government considering closing the existing loophole in the minimum wage that allows restaurants to use tips to make up staff pay.