Richard Caring, the retail entrepreneur who owns a string of leisure assets, has given his clearest indication to date that he could bid for Carluccio's. The owner of Wentworth Golf Club, Soho House and The Ivy - who holds 12% of the shares in Carluccio's - intimated that he was frustrated at the slow rate of expansion and suggested that the Italian cafe-meets-shop concept would be a good fit with the rest of his restaurant operations. He said: "Will I do anything? I haven't decided. I like to think we will do something because I think it fits into what we're doing." Alongside his collection of fine-dining restaurants, Caring also backs Cote Restaurants and Bill's Produce. Cote is to double in size this year to 20 restaurants while Bill's is also set to hit the expansion trail. By contrast Carluccio's is currently opening between five and seven new sites per year, and currently operates 45 in total. In a separate interview, Caring said he believed his management team at Cote could open many more of French brasseries. Against a backdrop of assumptions that Cote would follow a similar path to Strada - being built up to 30-50 restaurants then sold - Caring said he might sell it, or alternatively back its growth up to as many as 300 restaurants.