California is to become the first US state to ban the use of trans fats in restaurants, as part of new legislation to take effect in 2010. The governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has introduced a new law that will ban restaurants and food retailers from using trans fats in oil and margarine for spreads or frying from 1 January 2010. He described the move as representing a “strong step towards creating a healthier future”. Operators that are found to be in breach of the new regulations will incur fines of between $25 (£13) and $1,000. Some fast-food chains, including Burger King, McDonald’s and KFC have already announced plans to switch to trans fat free or low trans fat blends of cooking oil in the US, following the ban on fats in cities such as New York, Philadelphia and Seattle. Research by the Food Standards Agency in the UK, however, concluded that a ban on trans fats was not necessary in this country, as the food industry had succeeded in cutting consumption of the fats significantly through voluntary measures.