Whopper Bar, the new format restaurant from Burger King, has won Chain Store Age’s Retail Store of the Year award in the US. The concept, where consumers can choose their toppings for a burger, has a funkier look and feel than a usual Burger King restaurant and was first introduced at the Universal Resort in Orlando Florida in March 2009. It has since been rolled out with the opening of others in Singapore in September 2009, Venezuela in November 2009, and Málaga, Spain last month. Hector Muñoz, senior director, retail image and engagement, said: “One of the advantages of the Whopper Bar is the flexibility we have with the restaurant footprint. We can customize the layout and work with our development team and franchisees on an individual basis to determine which design will best accommodate a given location,” “The Whopper Bar particularly gives us the most flexibility when it comes to captive and high pedestrian traffic locations.”