McDonald's are launching a giant burger 40% larger than a Big Mac before next month's World Cup. The 'Bigger Big Mac' will be followed by more new products during summer which will give "a twist on existing burgers". Moves to introduce healthier eating options like pasta, fruit and salad appear to have failed. They account for less than 10% of sales, which have been flat in Britain since 2002. New UK president Steve Easterbrook has stated that McDonald's is "a burger business". He is following the lead set by McDonald's in America. New promotion of cheap burgers there has contributed to a 30% growth in revenues over the last two years. Meanwhile McDonald's and other fast food restaurants in the States are gearing themselves up for another movie bust-up. Fast Food Nation, premiered in Cannes last week, could do as much damage as the 2004 documentary Super Size Me. Writer Eric Schlosser has been accused of "undermining and assaulting American businessmen". The Sunday Times 21/05/06 page 5 & (Business) page 3.9 The Observer 21/05/06 (Business) page 11