The founder of Belgian mussel and chips concept Belgo and more recently the US BBQ rib chain Bodean’s is bringing another overseas concept to the UK later this year – Canadian-style pizzas, writes Stefan Chomka. Canadian-born André Blais, who opened the first Bodean's in 2002, said he would bring an Ontario themed pizza restaurant to London to compete with the glut of Italian and American-style offerings available. Blais recently returned to his hometown of Windsor, Ontario , to research the concept, and said his pizzas would be modelled on authentic Windsor-style pizzas . According to Blais, the pizzas typically have a thicker base than traditional Italian-style pizzas and although they are baked in a wood-burning stove are soft rather than crisp. Toppings will also be more liberal, he said, and would be in smaller portions spread all over the pizza rather than in larger chunks so that every bite contained all the ingredients. The restaurant will take a similar approach to Bodean’s, with a focus on atmosphere and authenticity. It will have a distinctly Canadian theme, with ice hockey on televisions and Canadian beer, and also provide a takeaway service. A site has yet to be found, although a central London location is most likely.