A new website directory aimed at helping consumers locate pubs, cafes and restaurants that provide free tap water has been launched. Tapwater.org already has more than 300 pubs, cafes and restaurants, predominately in London at present, signed up to their free directory. The organisation is seeking more establishments to come on board as “filling stations”, and an iPhone app is currently awaiting approval from Apple and should launch in the next few weeks. A not-for-profit organisation, Tapwater.org’s aim is to develop a global tap water map by partnering up with similar schemes in Canada, America and Holland where networks are already in place. Participating operators will benefit from the free marketing and increased footfall a listing will bring, as well as having a way of highlighting their green credentials. From spring they will also be able to sell stainless steel "life bottle” designed by Neil Barron who won 2009’s Carafe for London competition. The bottle will be available to buy from Tapwater.org’s website priced at around £5 for the trade. Businesses will be able to add their logos to the bottles they sell.