Large UK brewers have exceeded their energy efficiency targets, according to the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA). The group said energy efficiency savings of up 25% have been achieved, against a target of 20% set out in the Government’s Climate Change Agreement (CCA). This means a saving of 138,000 tonnes of carbon per year, and a £3m annual saving for UK brewers in forthcoming Climate Change Levy payments. The industry is on target to achieve a 67% reduction in carbon by 2020, BBPA added. The group now says the scheme should be extended to medium-sized and smaller brewers too; currently only larger producers are involved. Brigid Simmonds, BBPA chief executive, said: “These latest figures add to a great record on carbon reduction by UK brewers – but we will not stop here, as we take our environmental commitments very seriously. On top of our record on reducing energy and water use, we have a range of targets under our ‘Brewing Green’ commitments, and we will continue to develop these. “The Department of Energy & Climate Change is now considering how to shape the next CCA agreement. It is important that the new scheme should be affordable for small- and medium-sized brewers to join. “Breweries interested in the joining the new phase of the scheme should contact us so we can help them to benefit from the big financial savings the current members of the BBPA scheme are already enjoying.”