More than two thirds of British people plan to watch Olympic events from the pub if they don’t get tickets to the 2012 games themselves. That’s according to a survey of 1,000 people by pub operator Orchid Group. The survey points to the significant trading opportunities brought by the games, which are due to begin one year on Wednesday (27 July). The survey found 67% said the pub is their venue of choice, having not applied for tickets or been unlucky in the draw. Orchid said it plans to show all the live games, with particular focus on those events voted the most favourite in the poll: volleyball, basketball, the men’s 100m final, and gymnastics. Simon Dodd, Orchid commercial and people director, said: “Many people were not successful in the ticket draw, and others could not afford to travel to London to see the Games, so heading to the local is a far easier, and cheaper, option. “Customers can watch all the events live on the big screens in a great social situation, with their friends and family all joining in the fun. “Plus, they can have a drink and some food while watching, and don’t have to deal with the traffic on the way home.”