Tim Martin, chairman of managed pub operator JD Wetherspoon, took a £19,000 pay cut in 2011, according to the company’s Annual Report. His salary fell from £394,000 to £375,000. Other senior directors also saw their salaries fall in the year; chief executive John Hutson’s wage fell £28,000 to £628,000, and personnel and legal director Su Cacioppo’s salary declined £15,000 to £304,000. Meanwhile, the number of shares owned by Martin remained unchanged at 32,815,473. JD Wetherspoon reported a 7.6% rise in revenue in the year to £1.072bn, with like-for-like sales up 2.1%. Profit before tax and exceptional items was down 5.9% to £66.8m. Martin labelled Britain’s tax regime “unsustainable” for the pub trade, “and is directly leading to the closure of many pubs, which have become uncompetitive in relation to neighbouring countries and to supermarkets”.