Spirit Group’s efforts to source sustainable seafood for their kitchens has met with the Royal seal of approval, after the Prince of Wales met Spirit’s Jason Danciger and Mark Beeston, with other seafood buyers, to discuss the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The MSC’s global certification programme helps company buyers to select environmentally friendly seafood. Prince Charles, who is a keen supporter of the MSC programme, met the buyers, including representatives from Brakes McDonald’s, and Marks & Spencer, at Coldwater Seafood in Grimsby. "Companies here today, including Spirit Group, are using the MSC to drive more sustainable approaches to fishing," the Prince said. "In doing so I believe they are making an investment not only in the future of their own businesses but in a healthy and sustainable future for us all and I do congratulate them." Jason Danciger, Spirit’s director of food and wine, said: "We are passionate about the environment and the provenance of our food and we work very closely with the MSC to ensure we buy from sustainable sources. "Spirit is keen to help spread the word about sensible fishing practices and we hope that other pub groups follow our lead."