Licensees angered by Punch's controversial imposition of beerflow monitors in their cellars claim to have found a legal loophole to halt their spread – they refuse access to the power supplies needed to run them. Richard Yeomons, landlord of the Woodcutters Arms, near Stroud, said that while licensees were obliged to grant Punch access to cellars and the right to install the systems, he had refused consent to plug the system in. "They calculated the bill for using the beerflows was only £25 per year, and offered to pay, but I told them my electricity was not up for sale," he said. "My BDM admitted he was stumped and I have not heard anything more about the matter." Punch claimed some agreements do give provision for access to the electricity supply. Francis Patton, Punch's customer services director, said: "I would stress that these monitors are installed to provide licensees with valuable information. It's not simply a device to ensure lessees are keeping to their tie agreements."