A potential £1.2 billion wine sales are being missed by pubs, according to research by Constellation Europe. The survey into consumer wine-drinking behaviour, which questioned 760 people from six different pub outlet categories, highlighted that nearly a third of consumers who drink wine at home don’t drink it in pubs. Wine suppliers and licensees have the potential to increase sales of wine in the on-trade by up to 41% if they can show the consumer that they understand what they are looking for. The research pointed out that wine drinkers are primarily interested in how the wine is presented in a pub. The next important consideration is having the price clearly displayed, as well as consumers also wanting a guarantee that the wine is fresh and at the right temperature. The importance of branding in reassuring customers is a key factor, with 89% of interviewees saying that they prefer to buy branded wines in pubs that they had bought in supermarkets. Norrie Donaldson, on trade customer marketing controller at Constellation Europe said: “While there are some clear principles which can be applied across the board, the offering does need to be tailored to the style of outlet and customer type.”