Pubs need to do more to adapt to changing customer demographics and needs, according to a new report. The research on pubgoers by Him! found that the demographics of people frequenting pubs was changing, with 60% of consumers now over 35 and a fifth over 55. The older customers were described as wealthy, healthy and time-rich, interested in quality wine, hot drinks, breakfast pastries and newspapers, as well as better facilities for children. The survey of 5,000 pubgoers revealed that pub operators needed to focus more on diversifying their offer, giving customers a wider selection of products and services. The report said: “The on-trade needs to become more relevant to today’s customers, in the same way forecourt shops have changed from fags and fan-belt kiosks to successful and profitable retail outlets offering a huge range of consumer goods and services.” Customers were found to be spending longer in pubs, although they were shown to on average drink fewer drinks and end up paying 20p less than they had intended to. Him! highlighted that the findings showed that operators needed to do more to encourage people to spend more.