New research from the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) reports pubs are failing to maximise wine sales and take full advantage of a changing market. The trade organisation said there was a 'significant potential' to increase wine choice and profits in the UK's pubs, bars and restaurants. In a poll of 500 restaurants more than half had fewer than 10 wines on offer – and only 12% had more than 25 varieties. The research also found that well known brand dominated wines lists, with Stowells of Chelsea and Blosson Hill accounting for more than 20% of sales. WSTA also found that 60% of the outlets they surveyed said their food offer had increased post-smoking ban – but wines lists has only grown by 13%. “This research shows that changes in the marketplace are creating opportunities for wine producers and there is clearly the scope to offer new and different wine opportunities to consumers. “While the smoking ban and current trading environment have obviously caused serious difficulties for bars and pubs, the increase in food availability will create new and interesting openings for wine.” The report also discovered white wine dominated in pubs and bars, occupying 79% of the market.