Portman Group, the alcohol social responsibility group, has launched a media campaign inviting the public to report irresponsible marketing of alcohol. A series of full page ads in the media are set to highlight the rules and invite people to get in touch if they see apparent breaches of Portman's Code of Practice on drinks marketing campaigns. David Poley, Portman chief executive, said: “The vast majority of drinks producers do market their products responsibly – they follow the rules and seek our expert advice before launching their products. They are serious about creating a responsible drinking culture and this is reflected in the dramatic fall in products which have breached our Code in recent years. “However, we have zero tolerance for irresponsible alcohol marketing and urge people to complain to us if they see an inappropriate product or campaign.” Portman said more than 70 drinks have been blacklisted for being marketed irresponsibly over the past decade and just two products have been found in breach in 2010, with more than 400 requests on advice lodged with Portman's advisory service.