Leading nightclubs are hiring paramedics after a new drugs craze has resulted in an increasing number of revellers collapsing into a comatose state on the dancefloor. GBL, more commonly used as a cleaning fluid or industrial solvent, is currently legal despite moves to ban it. The drug brings on a state of euphoria but is very easy to overdose on. One company, Knightlife Medical Services, is providing paramedic back-up to six leading London clubs. Co-owner Adam Cooper revealed a total of nine clubbers collapsed in the venues last weekend. He now plans to invest in cardiac defibrillators, which stimulate and monitor heartbeats. GBL is replacing the better-known GHB of Liquid X, a date-rape drug which was made illegal last year, as the drug of choice for clubbers. The Gay Times has also warned of the dangers of GBL, and is campaigning to keep it out of clubs. The Independent on Sunday 05/09/04 page 9