Orchid Pub Company, the managed operator of around 300 pubs, has re-opened a pub belonging to a third tenanted pub company. The Knowles Arms, in Pleckgate Road, Blackburn, an Enterprise Inn pub, has been taken over by Orchid, which has invested in the decor, updated the outdoor area and is set to offer more food. The Knowles Arms will be run by Jacqueline Elsworth, a manager at Orchid, which bought the pub from Enterprise Inns. She said: “We have taken a long hard look at every aspect of the pub and altered things where necessary, but without making change for change’s sake. “With many existing and 24 new members of dedicated and talented staff on board, a homely new look and fantastic food and drink menu we are hoping to become the pub of choice for people across the area.” An Orchid spokesman told M&C Report: "It's had a great first week trading as a free house dining Two-for-One." Orchid, through its Parkmill Pub Management arm, has also re-opened two Charles Wells pubs and is understood to have re-opened a Punch pub, the The New River Arms, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire.