New York's Rheingold Beer Company has launched an advertising campaign poking fun at what a company spokesman calls "silly laws" such as the city's smoking ban. The 120-year-old brewery's latest television advertising campaign is entitled, "Don't Sleep: This is New York, and we can't sleep until we take it back." Fara Ribbler, marketing director, said the ads were designed to lampoon "silly laws that are dampening the character of the city," such the 1926 cabaret law requiring licenses for bars that have three or more people dancing. Another ad features actors dancing around the city until a banner comes up with the headline: "No Dancing. Fine: $3000." Mayor Bloomberg accused the brewery of abandoning New York "when times are tough," only to "exploit the city to sell their product". Bloomberg said he remembered a time when "people were pouring Rheingold beer in the streets after they abandoned Brooklyn, laying off 4,000 New Yorkers."