Tim Martin, the founder and chairman of JD Wetherspoon, has argued a lack of consultation with the industry has led to the introduction of “barmy rules” by the government. In an article for the managed pub operator’s in house magazine he blamed “control freakery” for forcing laws onto the statute books before there has been chance to “weed out the pottiest ideas”. Martin, who has previously blamed the government for using entrapment policies to catch out licensees, said: “If the pub business is anything to go by, we are desperately in need of proper supervision of laws and regulations before they go in the statute books, to try to weed out the pottiest of the ideas and also to introduce better ideas that might be adopted to everyone’s advantage. “The brightest politicians will be strongly aware that they have limited knowledge about how businesses work, and will be keen to avoid adopting a course that will harm important social institutions, such as pubs, which are also important sources of employment and tax revenue that benfit society as a whole. “If a sensible approach had been adopted, and licensees and the public had been consulted about the best methods of dealing with binge drinking and trouble in town and city centres, what would have been the outcome?” Praising Best Bar None and Pubwatch schemes the industry stalwart says that most pubs operate responsibly. “It may sound mundane, but it works extremely well and has resulted in tangible improvements in behaviour in many instances,” he added.