The Mail on Sunday turns the spotlight on running a pub and talks to former Army chef Chris Winter, who took over the Royal Oak in Exminster, Devon, last year. He comments that it is hard work, both mentally and physically, but the rewards can be fantastic. With freehold pubs costing an average of £650,000, many people choose leasehold. Francis Patton, customer services director with Punch Taverns, says that needs an outlay of between £22,000 and £26,000. Prospective Punch licensees receive help in writing a business plan and must attend a ten-day induction course. According to the Office for National Statistics, licensees earn an average of £20,842 a year, well below the national average. But Punch and Enterprise Inns both say the figure is more likely to be between £35,000 and £42,000. The hours, however, are long and Rita McCluskey, who runs the Adam & Eve pub in Norwich, complains that far too much of her time is taken up with red tape. The Mail on Sunday (Financial Mail) 08/10/06 page 31